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Flanabags - ClearPack - Gallon Bag

$ 25.00
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Product Description

The perfect bag when you need to organize, store and carry lots of stuff! This sturdy vinyl bag has hundreds of uses and it’s lightweight so it doesn’t add bulk inside your beach bag,  backpack, or suitcase.

MORE SPACE! The gusseted bottom on this gallon-sized bag expands to fit full size bottles, books, medicine, diapers, clothing, computer cables and more. The interlocking zipper secures everything inside and the trademarked wrist strap makes it easy to carry along.

** At a STADIUM or OUTDOOR CONCERT,  you’ll get waved through security. The Clear Pack meets the requirements for see-through bags at  sports stadiums, concerts and outdoor events where security is checking bags.

** Pack FULL-SIZE BOTTLES of sunscreen for a day at the beach. Inside this roomy bag, you’ll fit bottles, brushes, lotion, makeup, and other personal items.  Clear Pack slips inside your beach bag.

Edwards Sku's: 396334 Green Dot, 396335 Black, 396336 Royal Blue (not pictured)