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Chipolo - Bluetooth 4.0 Item Tracker

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Tag it. Find it.

What is Chipolo? Chipolo is a small, colorful Bluetooth enabled device that easily attaches to your valuable items. With the free Chipolo app, locate any lost or misplaced item in seconds by ringing your missing keys, using Chipolo's Range Meter or via Chipolo Network GPS.  Watch the video below for more on what Chipolo can do!

Small, but powerful, Chipolo goes everywhere you do. 

Attach the Chipolo to virtually anything - seriously - your laptop, wallet, keys, bike, backpack, luggage... even your pets collar!

World is here to help

The Chipolo app will automatically update the location of your lost Chipolo if another Network user happens to be within range. But don't worry - the location of your Chipolo is always updated securely and anonymously in the background. And there is a fun part too - with network you can share access to your Chipolo with your family and friends.

Long battery life (up to 6 months!)

Chipolo is designed so that the battery could easily be replaced. With so many features packed in so little space, it has an incredible battery life of up to 6 months. You can track your items everyday. And with every Chipolo box comes an extra battery so you are covered for 1 year


iOS devices running version 7 or newer with Bluetooth 4.0 built in. Android devices running version 4.3 or newer with Bluetooth 4.0 built in. Windows Phone devices running version 8.1 or newer with Bluetooth 4.0 built in.

What's in the box?

  • 1 Chipolo
  • Extra battery
  • Key ring
  • Documentation